Ready2Optimise Online Assessment


Our Ready2Optimise Scan is ideal for larger SMEs and MNCs who want to check & improve their business operations abroad.

In-depth questions and statements will be assessed by your team members. This will result in the insights of the  company’s gaps, weaknesses, strengths and the different perceptions from the participants. This is a multi user scan and the participant will receive a 25+ pages detailled report +free of charge follow up 30 minutes call.


Our goal is to improve business expansion abroad easier and more cost-effective. That's why we set up a very user friendly process to start assessing your company.


These are the steps to start assessing your company:

1) After we received your payment (PayPal, credit card or bank transfer) we'll send you the assessment set up form;
2) It will only take you 2 minutes to fill in this form and after completing you can send this back to us;
3) We'll set up the system for you and you receive the invitation to start;
4) In general you have 2 weeks to complete the assessments and we can generate the results after completion;
5) We'll send the report to you;
6) We'll have a 30 minutes follow up call to make sure you understand the results and can take the next steps.


If you have further question, please don't hesitate to use this email form to reach out to us!