Organisational Health Check


This package is meant for companies that are looking for an easy to use online assessment solution to start improving their organisational before or during business activities abroad.


In the past years we have done extensive research, conducted assessments and worked with companies on the topic of organisational health with regards to business growth and expansion abroad.


Our experience indicates that the health of an organisation is based on the ability to adjust to new situations focused around:

  • strategy & organisation
  • finance.


Our goal is to let companies improve and execute better to new market trends, opportunities and business growth.

When it comes to specific health of an organisation, we can define this as the capacity to deliver excellent financial and operating performance.


That’s why we developed a package based on 3 steps:

Step 1: Initiate

We’ll contact you to set up the online assessments:

– the Ready2 online scans
– the BizEquity valuation scan.

Step 2: Insights

We’ll track and monitor the progress of both assessments. After the deadline we’ll create the Ready2Grow Report and the BizEquity report. After submitting you with both reports we’ll set up a 30 mins (Skype) call to walk through the details with you and to check if the reports are clear.

Step 3: Implementation

After the 30 mins call you are able to prioritise the action points and start improving your organisational health.
Optional we offer a workshop and/or advisory.


Depending on the size of your company and specific needs we offer three packages:

  • small (single user): US$ 950
    • Ready2Grow: a score card based on a basic set with questions/statements
    • BizEquity: extensive business valuation report
  • medium (multi user <5 users): indicative US 1,750*
    • Ready2Expand: an extensive report of 25+ pages based on a basic set with questions/statements
    • BizEquity: extensive business valuation report
  • large (multi user 5+ participants): indicative US 3,950*
    • Ready2Optimise: an extensive report of 30+ pages based on large set of questions/statements
    • BizEquity: extensive business valuation report

2Sherpa has a team with local business specialists. Costs in general differ per country, and therefore also our rates. To serve you in the best way and offer the best offer, please contact us for the medium and large package.


We will  focus on answering the areas:

  1. (internationalisation) strategy
  2. organisation
  3. legal, finance, ICT
  4. product
  5. marketing & sales
  6. sustainability


You can easily order the small Organisational Health Check Package by clicking on the “add to cart” button below: