Market Assessment


This package is meant for companies that want to export to new countries, but do not yet know which country would be the best. We will help you to select the right country and advise what would be the best mode of market entry.

We do this in a five-step process:

Step 1: Export assessment

One of our specialists will sit together with you to evaluate your value proposition and international experience. We look at your target group of customers and the feasibility of your products or services for exports. Together we will get to a list of 6 to 8 countries where there might be interest in your offering.

Step 2: Quick market scan

Our colleagues in the 6 to 8 countries that you selected will assess how your product or service will be perceived in their market. Is there a clear need, how big could the market be and is there already a lot of competition. This will result in a one- page report per country.

Step 3: Initial country selection

Our specialist will sit down with you again to evaluate the results and see which markets seem to be the most promising. We will also define questions for further market research in these markets.

Step 4: Market research

Our local colleagues will gather information on the selected markets that is relevant for your product or services. They will talk with industry associations, distributors and end- users to give you full insights in the potential of the market for your products or services. Within our package we can do detailed research in 2 to 4 countries.

Step 5: Getting to conclusions

Our specialist will meet you to discuss the results and select the best market to approach. As a bonus we will offer you our business case check, to make projections for your investments, revenue, cash flow and payback time of entering the new market.


The total price for this package is 20,000 USD. No GST will be charged. Singapore headquartered SME’s can make use of the MRA grant and get 70% back. Your investment will then only be 5,900 USD, a minimal fee to ensure revenue from your exports.

Number of countries for the market research

Alliance experts works with local business development specialists to do the market research. Costs in general and therefore costs for doing research differ per country. In this package you can choose for market research:

  • In one high cost country and one medium cost country (or in two areas of the United States)
  • In two medium cost countries and one lower cost country
  • In four lower cost countries

High cost countries:

Medium cost countries:

Lower cost countries:

USA (per area)

Japan Australia

Hong Kong
China (per province)
South Africa




Questions that will be answered in the market research

Our market research will be tailored as much as possible on your product or service. We will anyway focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is the local market size and market growth?
  • What are trends in the market?
  • What are relevant regulations and business practices?
  • What are the main distribution channels and market segments?
  • What are your competitors and their market position?
  • What is a competitive price for your products and services on the market?
  • What segments of the markets are currently underserved?
  • What would be recommendations for entering the market?


About the MRA Grant

To qualify for the MRA Grant, you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Global HQ anchored in Singapore
  • Annual turnover less than SGD 100 million based on the latest audit report
    Applications can be made through the website of International Enterprise and should include a detailed proposal from the vendor (in this case Alliance experts). Normally the application will be approved within a number of weeks.


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