Logistics Scan


A simple and easy way to find out if your company is ready for exporting perishable and non-perishable goods!

And for a limited time only it’s free (saves you $ 450!) to find out which areas you need to improve.

You will go through 60 statements that you can answer with a Yes or a No. With each answer you’ll get a short comment or advice in return. After completing the scan you’ll get an instant report in PDF file in your mail box.

The scan is emphasising on 6 key factors:

1. Feasibility
Is it feasible or not? It is advisable to conduct a feasibility study whether or not you and your company are ready to give the go ahead and your product (specifications) fits the market you wish to target.

2. Product (perishable and non-perishable)
In this scan these are considered tangible goods thus not services. The sub-divide Perishable and Non-Perishable has been made.

3. Cost
A driving factor behind most decisions. With export many companies are not aware of what kind of costs (hidden or not) they can expect. Clearing this up helps in making the right decision.

4. Partners
With which partner do you want to work, if at all? Choosing the right partner is an important part of the process.

5. Logistics
Involves almost everything. In this scan we concentrate on how to get and keep things there with whom.

6. Regulations
Some are easy to comply with. Other compliance issues are so essential to deal with before you commence exporting goods that your product line and business (reputation) is at stake. These are red flag issues.

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