Business Matching


This package is meant for companies that already know which country they want to export their products or services to, and are now looking for an agent or distributor.

We do this in a five-step process:

Step 1: Drafting a partnering profile

One of our specialists will sit together with you to define the characteristics of the agent or distributor that will bring your company the most success. Together will you we draft a partnering profile that also states what would be the benefits and conditions for the partner to work with you. We do this in one or two meetings.

Step 2: Partner search in the country

Our colleague in your target country will first make a long-list of 15 to 20 potential partners. After having personal contact, we send the right decision makers your company profile, hold in-depth discussions, and conclude whether there is a genuine interest in establishing collaboration with you. This way we work to a short list of 3 to 5 interested potential partners.

Step 3: Initial meetings

We will arrange meetings with the selected companies in such a way that you can visit them in one trip, thus saving you time and travel expenses. We assist you in these meetings, help to clarify mutual intentions and to overcome cultural differences.

Step 4: Assisting in negotiations

Alliance experts has extensive experience with international negotiations. With our local experience we know whether a slight nod means ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This way you can quickly reach agreement. A local lawyer can then draft the contract, our you can use your own standard.

Step 5: Follow-up with the partner

Having an agreement with an agent or distributor doesn’t automatically mean that your products or services are being sold. You will need to train, guide, incentive and control your local business partner. We will do part of that on your behalf, thus saving you travel costs.


The total price for this package is 20,000 USD. No GST will be charged. Singapore headquartered SME’s can make use of the MRA grant and get 70% back. Your investment will then only be 5,900 USD, to get to a successful sales channel in a new country.

Number of days budgeted for step 4 and 5

Alliance experts works with local business development specialists to do the market research. Costs in general differ per country, and therefore also our rates. Within our package of 20,000 USD (which is optimised on the grant) the following number of days for negotiations and follow-up are included:

Alliance experts Singapore Pte Ltd

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#09-04 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 199589 Company nr. 2012-01356Z


High cost countries:

Medium cost countries:

Lower cost countries:


USA (per state)

Netherlands Germany
Hong Kong
China (per province)
South Africa

Thailand Indonesia

Partner search

5 days

5 days

5 days

Visiting potential partners

3 days

3 days

3 days


3 days

4 days

4 days

Follow-up support

not included

3 days

12 days

We mainly seek agents or distributors in the capital or biggest city, or where it comes to the USA or China, in a state or province. Expected travel time and costs may influence our quotation. Days may be shifted between activities. Please ask our consultant.

Questions that will be answered in the market research

Our market research will be tailored as much as possible on your product or service. We will anyway focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is the local market size and market growth?
  • What are trends in the market?
  • What are relevant regulations and business practices?
  • What are the main distribution channels and market segments?
  • What are your competitors and their market position?
  • What is a competitive price for your products and services on the market?
  • What segments of the markets are currently underserved?
  • What would be recommendations for entering the market?


About the MRA Grant

To qualify for the MRA Grant, you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Global HQ anchored in Singapore
  • Annual turnover less than SGD 100 million based on the latest audit report
  • Applications can be made through the website of International Enterprise and should include a detailed proposal from the vendor (in this case Alliance experts). Normally the application will be approved within a number of weeks.


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