we offer one global online portal for StartUp and SME Companies to make their business expansion grow smarter.

The facts:
- 25+ countries have been covered
- 160+ assessments since January 2016 have been conducted
- 3,000+ insights have been gathered.

Our assessment tools add value


Our 5 Steps Plan to increase the success of the business expansion :

  1. You sign up for the online Ready2 Assessment Process
  2. At least 4-5 participants take part in the assessment
  3. After 2 weeks we start data gathering, analysing and quality checking
  4. Within 3 business days the 30+ pages Ready2 report is ready
  5. You will be guided through the report during a 60 mins call and you are ready to take your next steps for a successful expansion abroad!

Your benefits

Easy and effective access to growth
We believe that companies should have access to easy and smart solutions to grow and expand in an effective way. We don't believe in generalists. We believe in specialist who dare to be different to help companies grow.
Experts to help you better
2Sherpa and our Business Partners in US, Europe and Asia are the experts in establishing your organisation for expansion abroad. With our Online Scans and our Business Partners our clients are confident in the wide world of global trade.
3 Solutions - 1 global source
Online Assessment Tools for companies + Clear reports + Global Network with Business Consultants and Service Providers